REvivED water will be at EuroMED 2017!

FUJIFILM and the University of Palermo will represent REvivED water at EuroMED 2017 in Tel Aviv (9 - 12 May 2017), presenting some of the latest project results.

The "Desalination for Clean Water and Energy Cooperation around the World" Conference is the eighth conference in the EuroMed series and the tenth in the Mediterranean region. Mainly cross border sharing of technology as well as water in this thirsty region will be addressed, highlighting the major Red Sea-Dead Sea project developments.

Participants at this meeting are invited to present advances in the field whether it be for providing clean water, reuse of wastewater, efficient use of water or lowered energy requirements.

The conference will cover the following topics

  • Water demand and supply
  • Desalination and the environment
  • Desalination and water purification processes
  • Seawater thermal and membrane processes
  • Brackish water desalination
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Desalination and water resource management
  • Energy recovery technology
  • Renewable energy for desalination
  • Solar, wind, wave, osmotic power
  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment
  • Post-treatment of desalinated water
  • Brine disposal and removal of specific compounds
  • Fouling and scaling and material selection
  • Financing – public and private
  • Modeling
  • Electrodialysis
  • Energy reduction

Further information can be found at here.